Fermented Bagasse Block

Fermented Bagasse Block

The Fermented Bagasse Block smade from sugarcane residue after taking sugar juice and fermenting, then pressed into blocks. It was tested for flexure and compression in a dry and saturated state.

Through fermentation and drying, the residue of sugarcane can be used as a supplemental food to supply to rumination cattle and other animals.


  • As animal feed
  • Make fertilizer
  • Planting materials (for mushrooms,…)



Fermented Residue of Sugarcane

  • Moisture
  • Max 13%
  • Taste
  • Sweet aroma

* This product can produce according to each customer’s request.


  • Jumbo
  • 650kg
  • Pack
  • 1 cont 40ft max 26 tons, 40 bags
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