Pine Wood Sawdust

Pine Wood Sawdust

  • Pine Wood Sawdust is made from 100% Pine wood. It is very soft and has the finest quality of pine wood. It is used to make cage lining for animals (Horse, Cows, etc.).
  • Pine Wood Sawdust has many of the same features as other types of sawdust but is softer. Softness brings more comfort to your cattle.
  • In addition, Pine Wood Sawdust is also used in mushroom cultivation and some other agricultural fields such as making organic fertilizer…vv.


  • Size: 1 – 5mm
  • Wood type: 100% Pine wood
  • Moisture: Max 12%
  • Powder content: Max 2%
  • Impurity: Max 0.5%
  • Color: Bright


  • Compressed and packed in Jumbo bags about 500 ~ 600 kg with pallets, 24 tons/ 40’HC, 40 bags/cont.
  • Bag size: 110x110x120 (40 bags/cont)
  • Pallet size: 100x100x9 cm
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