Brewer Yeast

Brewer Yeast

  • Brewer Yeast is Rich in quality complete protein, nucleic acid, vitamin B complex, and other nutrients, could effectively improve the animals’ production performance.
  • Brewer Yeast Powder is a natural and good feeding promoting agent;100% pure brewers yeast powder.
  • Brewer Yeast Help digestion, promote growth, and enhance immunity.
  • Brewer Yeast Effectively improve the level of production and feed conversion efficiency, lower feeding cost.


  • Used in the breeding of ruminants and monogastric species.


Product Brewer Yeast
  • Moisture
  • 8% max
  •  Protein
  • 42% min
  • Ash
  • 8%
  • Packing
  • 20kg/ PP bag x 20MT/Cont 20” HC

∗Packing:  This product can be produced according to the requirements of each customer.

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