Crab Shells

Crab Shells

Crab shells is a raw material for the production of aqua feed to supplement chitin, calcium, phosphorus for livestock, extract chitin, chitosan, raw materials to treat environmental pollution, water pollution, heavy metal treatment, keep organic substances in mud or use as organic fertilizer… with reasonable price, competitive price and guaranteed quality.

Crab shells are known as raw materials for the production of animal and aquaculture feeds. They contain a lot of chitin, calcium, phosphorus, etc., so they help livestock and aquaculture develop better. However, now, in the face of a series of suppliers of crab shell powder, households do not know which address to choose? Don’t worry, let’s share with us the secret to choosing a reputable supplier of crab shells as animal feed! in the article below!

Crab shells are used as animal feed because of their great biological value. With ingredients including chitin, calcium, phosphorus, chitosan, etc., it helps the animals to easily absorb food and develop better.

 Moisture 14 % MAX
Impurity < 4
Drying process  Sun Dried
Crude fat  Max 8%
Protein  35%min
0-8 mm
13% max
Feshy 80%-120%
2% min
 3.3% min

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