Dried Meal Beer

Dried Meal Beer

Dried Beer Residue is the safest food source for livestock. Beer residue can be used in animal feeding ruminant and monogastric. It is quite tasty and ready consumption by animals. It is a water-soluble vitamin. However, it is a bulky food sources and low-energy components.

Dried Beer Residue is the dried extract residue of barley malt alone or in a mixture with other cereal grains from the manufacture of beer.

Beer residue contains 27-30% protein and 65% TDN. Dried brewers grains are a medium-level protein feedstuff used in various animal feeds.


  • Used in animal feeding ruminant and monogastric.


  • Moisture: Max 8%
  • Protein: Min 24%
  • Fiber: Max 6%
  • Ash: 5%

∗Packing:  This product can produce according to each customer’s request.

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