Dried Sugarcane Bagasse

Dried Sugarcane Bagasse

Bagasse is a by-product received after the sugarcane body is pressed for water, bagasse accounts for 25-30% of the weight of the pressed cane. Then take this bagasse to dry, it will produce dried sugarcane bagasse.


  • Supply combustion fuel for power plants and boilers
  • As raw material for producing pulp
  • As raw material for plywood, ceiling range.


Product Dried Sugarcane Bagasse
  • Starch
  • 25% min
  • Sugar
  • 5.5% min 
  • Fiber
  • 22% min
  • Color
  • yellow 
  • Smell
  • aroma

* This product can produce according to each customer’s request.


  • Pack
  • 50kg per bag
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