Applications of brewer’s yeast in animal feed.

Applications of brewer’s yeast in animal feed.

Dried beer yeast is a byproduct of the beer fermentation process, after processing the yeast sources of large breweries such as Heneiken, Saigon beer, Hanoi beer,… to hydrolyze the polypeptide chain in beer yeast into amino acids. : lysine, methionine, threonine, … and many other amino acids. The amino acid content in brewer’s yeast is so high that animals can fully utilize it.


  • 100g of dry brewer’s yeast contains about 40g of various amino acids (18 types of amino acids). The source of amino acids in brewer’s yeast is very abundant and has a great effect in the production of animal feed.
  • Dry yellow-brown brewer’s yeast with the aroma of brewer’s yeast is ideal, pure and effective for the growth of livestock, poultry and waterfowl.
  • Aminoacid dry brewer’s yeast has a balanced ratio and is rich in B vitamins and trace elements, especially containing an resistant factor that can improve immune function, Betaglucan and olygosacharides.
  • With the help of scientists at research institutes, we have a completely closed, synchronous, modern hydrolysis cycle for extracting amino acids from beer yeast, ensuring food hygiene, safety, and environmental friendliness. school.


  • Dried brewer’s yeast can improve the taste of livestock, poultry, and seafood feeds and stimulate the appetite of animals:
  • Dry brewer’s yeast rich in amino acids promotes growth clearly.
  • Naturally bound dried brewer’s yeast increases food binding properties.
  • Brewer’s yeast powder contains purified yeast protein and carbohydrates that can replace fish meal or milk powder in animal feed.
  • Brewer’s yeast powder, especially containing yeast cell wall (Betaglucan), can improve animal immunity, enhance animal disease resistance and stress resistance.
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